FORUM 2012

Connecting Practices, Geographies and Cultures

Thursday January 19 — Sunday January 22, 2012 — Vancouver, BC

The fifth CNMN national Forum is hosted by Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts at its new home at SFU Woodward’s, 149 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver.

CNMN National Forums offer face to face connections with artistic directors, music educators, improvisers, producers, composers, arts administrators, performers, scholars, music lovers and others who believe in the value of the many forms of new music and sound art and seek to deepen and strengthen their practice across Canada.

To facilitate participation, CNMN is offering Habitation, a billeting project in Vancouver in which local hosts are matched with Forum registrants, and information for potential travel funding, including a Support Letter that can be tailored for submission to funding agencies and institutions.


Reflecting the times and the rapid evolution of the practice and dissemination of new music, FORUM 2012 brings together some of the most innovative thinkers in North America to discuss what is ahead for the art form and its networks.

While music practitioners are redefining their roles within their home communities through intercultural collaborations and partnerships with education, environment, social, health and other groups, networked platforms have opened pathways for collaboration and dissemination in a globally interconnected context. Emerging technologies are transforming the way music is conceived, composed and performed through radical new instruments, interfaces and robotic intelligences.

New music is stepping more and more beyond conventional concert venues to inhabit an array of contexts and places that stretch both the music and the experience. Similarly, a blur between composer and performer and between audience and practitioner is evolving the art form as philosophical ideas and interactive methodologies become integrated into the practice of new music.

In the midst of these deep and far-reaching developments, at the core of FORUM 2012 is a reminder and a recognition that the heart of any musical practice, whether ancient, modern or radically new, is about connecting — with sound, with place and with each other.


FORUM 2012 creates avenues for connection through small group discussion, facilitated exchanges, listening and sound making activities, interactive demonstrations and open forums. New this year is Language Facilitation, a flexible way for speakers of varying levels of French and English to communicate more deeply with one another.

Each day of the FORUM includes a themed open session using the Unconference model, where attendees can bring topics, ideas and issues, and where moments of interest from previous sessions can be elaborated. The results of these open discussions will guide CNMN in its role of supporting and championing the relevance, excellence and sustainability of the Canadian new music community.

The Forum venue includes dedicated spaces for attendees to display materials (CD’s, scores, brochures, newsletters, announcements, etc.) and places to interact musically and try new technologies.

We will also hear One-Page Scores by Forum attendees — don’t miss the call, deadline December 30!

We hope you join us in Vancouver for three days of illuminating connections and music.

Forum 2012 Advisory Committee Co-Chairs: Tina M Pearson and Randy Raine-Reusch. Committee: Bob Baker, DB Boyko, Mark Armanini, Janice Jackson, and Coat Cooke.