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Forum 2010 Preview

CNMN’s fourth national new music Forum entitled Partnering Diversity will be held on Friday and Saturday, January 8th and 9th, 2010 in the Sir James Dunn Theatre, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Special opening concert — Thursday, Jan. 7 — 8 pm — Symphony Nova Scotia.

This truly extraordinary Forum centers on the theme of creative music diversity and how the various streams of contemporary / creative music meet and diverge. From through composed music, to electroacoustics, to free jazz, to world music, this Forum seeks to bring together as many creative music specialists as possible (including musicians, producers, educators, composers, journalists, fans and more!) in order to begin a dialogue concerning the challenges and triumphs of performance and dissemination.

International speakers/panelists include composer/improviser George Lewis (USA), composer/conductor Joël Bons (The Netherlands) and conductor/producer Matthew Greenall (UK), each specializing in diverse musical backgrounds from Jazz / Experimental music to the Intercultural Orchestra to New Music Promotion and Production.

New this year is a discussion format called Duos. We are putting 2 new music specialists together to discuss a range of topics such as “Approaches and perspectives on Electro acoustic music and diversity” or “Building national and diverse support for new concert music” or “Intercultural Orchestras — how they work: history and practice”. The duos are given free reign to openly discuss their experiences and challenges with each topic followed by questions and debates (hopefully heated!) through audience participation.

Round tables are also part of the mix with plenty of time for questions and fleshing out of the themes. At this Forum we are concerned that everyone’s voice and opinion is heard. Plenty of time for public discourse will be allotted! You will also meet fellow creative musician enthusiasts from across Canada as well as an array of international creative music specialists. This, of course, promotes musical discourse along with plenty of opportunities to network.

The Forum also offers 2 nights of creative music performance co-produced by the CNMN and Upstream Music Association. Thursday evening, January 7th, Symphony Nova Scotia starts off the conference with a performance of contemporary creative music. On January 8th, Upstream Music Association presents the best of East Coast creative new music talent.

Forum 2010 seeks to ensure that as many diverse forms of creative music are recognized and given a voice. We are interested in bringing together musicians, composers, producers, presenters, recording engineers and all others who seek to expand the boundaries of creative musical expression and give them a voice in our ever-changing world. Come be part of our search to better understand and promote the many musical forms our members create and perform across Canada.

— Janice Jackson, Steering Committee Chair, CNMN Forum 2010