Presentations: Duos & Trio

Duo 1: Urban versus Regional Perspective — how they work — Jonathan Bunce (Music Gallery) and Erick Bickerdike (Chester Playhouse)

Duo 2: The Improv Research Project — Ajay Heble and Ellen Waterman (Guelph Jazz Festival and University of Guelph)

Duo 3: Intercultural Orchestras — how they work: history, practice, etc. — Moshe Denburg (VICO) and Joël Bons (Atlas, Netherlands)

Duo 4: Electroacoustics and Diversity — approaches and perspectives — Darren Copeland (NAISA) and George Lewis (Columbia University, USA)

Duo 5: Building national and diverse support for new concert music — Russell Kelley (Canada Council for the Arts) and Matthew Greenall (Sound and Music, UK)

Trio: Presenters and Diversity: How do mainstream presenters view this issue — philosophy and practice —Moderator Lukas Pearse (Bassiste), Paul Caskey (Live Art Dance), Erika Beatty (CEO, Symphony Nova Scotia), Jennifer Taylor (Music Toronto).

*Programming subject to change without prior notification*