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New Music in the Canadian Choral Landscape

  • Patricia Abbott: Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Choral Communities (Montreal)

The Canadian choral landscape is teeming with choirs eager to perform new music and especially that of Canadian composers. The Association of Canadian Choral Communities’ Patricia Abbott describes the current choral music scene and offers insight for composers keen on writing for this medium. She will also offer contact information and ways in which composers can make their work known to choral conductors.

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Audience Development in Orchestras

  • Katherine Carleton, Executive Director, Orchestras Canada (Toronto)

“Community engagement”, “audience development”, and “education and outreach” are terms that have been used by orchestras to describe their efforts to reach and engage less traditional audiences. Katherine Carleton, executive director of Orchestras Canada (the national membership organization for Canadian orchestras), will talk about the history, evolution and future of this work, with a particular emphasis on orchestras’ efforts to actively enlist audience members as performers and creators.

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Composition and Musical Creativity in the Quebec Education System

  • Valerie Peters, Professor of Music Education, Université Laval (Québec)

This talk will present electronic case studies featuring students and teachers from primary and secondary schools in the province of Quebec. These case studies are the result of a pedagogical project in collaboration with the Office of Pedagogical Services at Université Laval. The video clips feature students in the different stages of the creative process in music classrooms. Also, there are interviews with students as they explain how they compose/create music as well as interviews with teachers, explaining the pedagogical context and organization of the creative activities. I will make links between the case studies and recent literature about creativity and music composition in schools. After the presentation, there will be time to discuss the different challenges in relation to musical creativity in the classroom setting.

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Canadian repertoire for young musicians

  • Elisabeth Bihl, Executive Director, Canadian Music Centre (Toronto)
  • Mireille Gagné, Director of the CMC-Quebec (Montréal)

Over its 50-year history, the Canadian Music Centre has always worked in close partnership with Canada’s music educators and organizations. CMC’s longstanding outreach programs such as the Composer kit, Composer in the Classroom or Composers in Electronic Residence were valued and recognized by students and teachers alike. Upon launching the CMC’s new website www.musiccentre.ca in 2004, the tradition was continued. Today, CMC offers three online educational programs complete with downloadable teachers guides. SOUND ADVENTURES is an introduction to music and is aimed at children from 5-—10 years of age. SOUND PROGRESSION provides a comprehensive overview of the various genres within the contemporary music sphere, offering information to all ages; INFLUENCES OF MANY MUSICS presents a unique look at music from CMC Associate Composers who are new Canadians, and the reflection of their duel heritage in their music. The presentation will take a closer look at these CMC online educational tools. — Elisabeth Bihl

Canadian repertoire for young musicians exists, but too often the works are not sufficiently adapted to the conditions of presentation and performance in Quebec schools. For twenty years, CMC Québec has collaborated with the Fédération des associations de musiciens éducateurs du Québec (FAMEQ) on the annual commission of a work for school band, which is premiered at every annual Congress of the Federation. Moreover, and very recently, FAMEQ and CMC Québec agreed to a memorandum of understanding that aims to revitalise music education, by providing teachers the necessary tools to help them accomplish the task of teaching and exploring this special repertoire and, vice-versa, by inviting and sustaining composers who are ready to invest in actively composing for young musicians. — Mireille Gagné

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New Music and Presenters Networks

  • Angela Drainville-Ashick, Director, CAPACOA & General Manager, Classic Theatre (Cobalt)
  • Barbara Scales, Owner and Director, Latitude 45 Arts Promotion Inc. (Montréal)

This is an exchange between Barbara Scales, artist manager and agent, and Angela Drainville-Ashick, community presenter. The themes discussed will include the roles of the artist, the agent and the presenter, their particular realities and the expectations that each may have of the other. CAPACOA Director, Angela Drainville-Ashick will review the barriers and opportunities in presenting new music at soft-seat venues across Canada. With a unique presenting perspective, Drainville-Ashick will discuss the needs of facility programmers in understanding and collaborating to present new music.