Demonstration 1

FACE Chamber Orchestra

  • Theodora Stathopoulos, Conductor (Montréal)

The programme consists of “Suite du promeneur” (1992) for string orchestra, by Quebec composer Louis Babin, as well as short works composed and performed by secondary level students from FACE.

Demonstration 2

Concerto Della Donna

  • Iwan Edwards, Conductor (Montréal)

Join Concerto Della Donna, under the direction of Maestro Iwan Edwards, for a performance of Magnificat, a work for soloist and ten singers by Canadian composer Christine Donkin.

Demonstration 3

Ear Cleaning and improvisation pedagogy in the high school classroom

  • Douglas Friesen, Music Instructor, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (Toronto)

With the help of several of his students, Douglas Friesen provides us with a glimpse into the creative and improvisational teaching methods happening at a public arts school in Toronto, including elements of interdisciplinary experimentation. Mr. Friesen and his students have participated in workshops with Fred Frith, Marc Ribot, Iva Bittova, among others, and have gone on to present their own workshops to fellow students and imminent teachers. The information they present has proven successful and valuable to educators and students of all levels, from early years to post secondary, and can often act as a catalyst to the discovery of the best-suited exercises and games for each classroom situation.

Demonstration 4

Creative Music Technology

  • Blue Yeti: Magnolya Roy & Jean-Michel Couturier (France)

Blue Yeti is a hybrid structure that bridges research activities and workshops in sound, visual and gestural experiments. It is particularly interested in digital music instruments design and their use for creative and educational purposes. The heart of this “digital lutherie” (or one could call it digital instrument design) centres on the search for new sounds and the most appropriate instrumental gestures with which to control these sounds. Grapholine is an example of an audiovisual instrument that enables the transformation of drawing gestures into sounds. Grapholine has been used to compose and play several electroacoustic pieces of music, and is also used in an educational project with children and teenagers. The aim of this project is to offer a creative tool that can deal with subjects as different as music and sound art, visual art, the relationship of the body and the environment, the intersections between art and science…

Demonstration 5


  • Félix Boisvert, Composer (Montréal)

Félix Boisvert presents the Musicolateur, an instrument for music creation designed specifically for children ranging in age from kindergarten to high school. On the cutting edge of digital technology, this instrument was designed to be usable by all, regardless of the level of formal musical training. The Musicolateur is the result of Yves Daoust’s forty years of work with children; this work led to the desire to create an instrument design with a distinctly modern conception, which allows a playful approach to initiating young ears to the world of contemporary music creation.