Creative Music Education Online Resources

The Public Engagement Committee of the Canadian New Music Network has started a preliminary list of online resources for facilitating creative music, so that when you host a creative music class, lesson, workshop, concert etc., you have resources at your fingertips to inspire you with great ideas.

Do you know of URLs not listed here? Please tell us so we can share!

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The “VMC Learning Collection: Music Connections” provided by the Virtual Museum of Canada includes lessons and activities about Canadian Orchestral Composers for secondary classes.  You will find engaging listening activities, games, composition exercises, pictures, biographic information, and compositions.

This website is devoted to democratic music education models and to the collection of effective, easy-to-use free-improvisation and composition exercises/games that explore the possibilities of the creative, social, and ethical space between music and noise. Be sure to visit the top menu item titled “Exercises.”

Order R. Murray Schafer’s amazing education handbooks collected in The Thinking Ear as well as two books filled with one-page ear cleaning exercises and creative music education games.

Improvisation exercises galore!  For varying levels, types of classes and students.

From the Coalition for Music Education, get helpful resources for parents, teachers, administrators, and other concerned community members to help promote music education, assess your music program, and facilitate advocacy and discussion.

Interactive online activities created by the CMC (Canadian Music Centre). For young learners. “Sound Adventure” is graphic-and-sound-based only, not dependent on text explanation for use. For older learners, check out “Sound Progression.” This page also includes links to further resources. [Switch between English and French version in upper left corner.]

The Vermont Midi Project provides composition resources such as video tutorials about writing for keyboard percussion instruments, PDF lesson plans for teaching melody construction, and more.

The Ontario Music Educators Association provides a plethora of lesson plans and resources on this page: everything from composing with a rhythmic ostinato to composing with non-standard or graphic notation, from improvising polyrhythms, to improvising motives.

SoundMakers is an iPad app that invites you to engage with the process of creating music through exploring, commenting on, sharing, reusing, creating with, and building upon Soundstreams original content.