How do we do it?

The CNMN has an elected board of 12 to 15 members from across Canada, elected by voting members of the organisation, with each board member having a term of 2 years. The board is representative both regionally and in terms of practice — and includes composers, performers, administrators, and a broad range of new music community representatives.

The board must have representation from each of the 6 defined regions — Atlantic / Québec / Ontario / Prairies / Alberta and the Northern Territories / British Columbia. In addition, two members that do not represent a region may be included on the Board.

The CNMN differs from the 4 other major new music service organisations (CLC, CMC, ACWC, CEC) in several ways: it has broader, more inclusive mandate and structure, it focuses on community building and networking, it speaks credibly and coherently for a large majority of creative art music practitioners in Canada, rather than for just a narrowly defined segment of new music artists. The broader scope and membership means that the CNMN will be able to get the message out to politicians, the media and the public in a way we, as a community, have not yet been able to achieve.