CAPACOA is Canada’s largest network of arts presenters, and represents over 250 major companies and theatres, presenting music and other arts to millions of Canadians each year.

CNMN and CAPACOA have joined together in 2015 to create a unique opportunity for the new music community to connect with this impressive array of presenters.

The New Music Initiative includes showcase performances and presentations designed to change how presenters view and present Canadian new music, to bring Canadian new music into the mainstream of concert presenting across the country. We are showing CAPACOA members the best new music from across the country at their national conference January 21 to the 24, 2015.

This is a very exciting development for our community. CAPACOA has made the New Music Initiative a priority for the conference, and like our collaboration with IAMA 2013, outreach and development are critical elements at this time. The goal is to raise awareness and present the true scope of Canadian new music. CAPACOA is building an entire stream of the conference around new music, with opportunities for the new music community: opportunities to learn from other contemporary communities (such as the dance community), and opportunities to talk with presenters about their thoughts.