Plenary Session Notes

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Notes taken by Janice Jackson — Chair, Forum 2010 Steering Committee • Artistic Director, Vocalypse Productions • Soprano (Halifax)

Tim Brady led the meeting, which started at 4:08 pm.

Tim indicated that we doubled our original expectations for attendees. We have had over 70 attendees for this Partnering Diversity Forum 2010.

He indicated that we have not yet found the perfect mechanism to communicate to our fellow citizens. If we can speak to each other more frequently we will have a better understanding of our community and we could start to build a language and discourse which would help us communicate to our communities. He also indicated that the CNMN is never about telling people what to program etc. We are giving artists a way to facilitate communication between each other and our communities.

The floor was opening up to the following topics:

  1. How can we move forward and improve the forum project?
  2. How can the CNMN help us as artists do things we want to do?

Jim Hiscott: What records have been taken during the forum?

Tim: We took notes of the panels.

Emily: If any of the duos have notes, could they email them to Emily?

Nilan Perera: 3 suggestions.

  1. Could we live stream the forums?
  2. Could there be more time given for questions / comments from the floor?
  3. Could we have the bios of the participants posted before they speak?

Coat Cook: Podcast: video camera?

DB Boyko: It would have been advantageous to have a few definitions of diversity at the beginning of the forum.

Clemens Merkel: Could we have one session with all the changes in grant policies at the beginning of the forum?

Ellen Waterman: The FORUM Centered around the theme of Diversity…. but, more was brought out. Could the CNMN take on some of the lessons of diversity which we have learned from the conference for the next forum? Could all our efforts be a serious attempt to take on this theme?

Tim: We try to be a tool rather than imposing our view. We gave ownership of the forum to the steering committee which was mostly Haligonians. The board can impose a certain criteria for the next forum and Vancouver can also decide.
Ellen: Could Vancouver motion to support diversity in our ranks and the way we deal with people?

Russell Kelly: CPAC may have data information on diversity.

Jean-François Denis: At the next forum could we talk about the practical problems of the people who are coming to the forums? What are our problems and how do we solve them? Could we address our structural work? Our meeting was a great celebration of our diversity. We are already celebrating creation and human expression.

DB Boyko: She feels it is important to have a sense of follow up.

David Pay: He supports Ellen point of view to legislate diversity as a priority.

DB Boyko: Vancouver will have an advisory committee from across the country.

Caot Cook: People in different regions have different needs and values. For this to really work we need to look at the values and needs we share. What are our common needs?

Gyula Csapo: Diversity has different aspects. There are other aspects: the structures that produce are voices…how do they inform who we are? Certain music presentation modes…larger works. How could they be present in a Canadian context?

Jennifer Waring: What do we get together on, Jean-François? Coat, could we also find the differences in our values etc.?

Jean-François Denis: One person here said: “I am part of a music milieu”: Cities are strong areas, a forum could be about our diverse practices across the country and what are our differences? The mandate of cities would help us know how different the dynamics are. One city says “no copros” another says “this is ok”. Organizing our thoughts and how we work and sharing this knowledge.

Blair McKay: You can’t get a new audience if you don’t make the concerts accessible.

Coat Cook: There is a group called Sonic Presence in BC, umbrella for new music. They are having a problem finding people to buy in? How can we nurture the CNMN to help people buy into this organization as a national presence and voice?

Moshe Denburg: Note of caution in making political statements. One person makes a statement…this is a dialogue. Can we continue the thought process and let it coalesce?

DB Boyko: Could we use this body to make political advocacy? This is a place where we can educate ourselves and take discourse onto the next level?

Tina Pearson: The CNMN is very young and there have been 4 forums. She would to thank Tim for all of his efforts. Tina is writing a flying squad grant and is happy to hear all of our questions. If any one would like to be involved in the process contact her.

Jim Hiscott: Could we have a whole day of meetings…a round table of meetings with an agenda? Have a few months where we can prepare what we want to say?

Russell Kelly: The Flying Squad provides the tools to facilitate discussion and discourse. CNMN are experiencing something which other organizations are experiencing: facilitating a solid voice. We have more in common than differences.

Sandeep Bhagwati would like to thank Tim.

Everyone agrees!