Tina Pearson (BC) (Vice President, 2008-12)

“I first joined the CNMN when I received an invitation to attend the first conference in Winnipeg in 2007. It was heartening to find so many involved in the many faces of new music meet together in one place at the same time. In this rapidly changing environment, it is both important and inspiring to connect through an organization like CNMN, and to create and support a framework for networking, collaboration and resource sharing in how this music we make is developed, presented and shared. I am hopeful that the brilliant and courageous minds that come together to make and spread this music will find truly innovative ways to make it more relevant to the broader populace and to the many smaller communities — geographic, cultural and other. We have the opportunity now to do this. As the BC representative on the CNMN board, I am aware of the uniqueness of each region and community. From the east coast, through Quebec and Ontario to the Prairies, the North and BC, there are both differences and commonalities in how new music is made and produced. This is a great strength, and CNMN affords us a way to learn from one another while advocating for a dynamic, many-faceted and open Canadian new music presence”.

Tina Pearson has worked with sound since her childhood experiences with intense listening in the wilderness environment of the Canadian Shield. As a composer-performer and improvisor, she has collaborated with choreographers, dancers, media artists and other composers and musicians to create multi-discplinary works that play with boundaries between creator, performer, and audience and that explore the contexts of art practice in physical and virtual communities. Her musical compositions and performances have been performed and/or broadcast in major centres in Canada, United States, Europe, India and East Asia. As a new music curator, Tina enjoys working with the juxtaposition of divergent strands of form and practice, and the programming of concerts, installations and other events in non-traditional venues. She has been published in Ear, Musicworks and other magazines, taught at the Ontario College of Art and Design and was the editor of Musicworks magazine. Tina currently lives in Victoria, Canada, where she is New Music Curator for Open Space Arts Society, director of the electroacoustic ensemble LaSaM and sound mentor for MediaNet. She is also a member of the international mixed reality collaboration Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.