Our Goals
  • Networking – improving communication, understanding and knowledge within the new music community
  • Representation – improving communication, understanding and knowledge of the new music community and its art to the larger society.

The specific goals of the CNMN are:

  1. To build a stronger sense of connection, and foster productive collaborations, between all parts of the new music community (networking and communication).
  2. To give voice to a sector that is unheard, and broaden awareness of new music activity (profile and visibility).
  3. To celebrate the achievements of Canadian new music artists and defend the vital contribution of new music in Canada (respect and understanding).
  4. To improve the amount and kinds of support available to the new music community, in order to enhance opportunities for creation, performance, and distribution (resources).

In practical terms this means:

  1. The CNMN represents everyone involved in musical creation — composers, performers, ensembles, administrators, service organisations, educators, musicologists, audience members. We need you allas members.
  2. We will be able to speak for a large community with one voice.
  3. The CNMN will be a fully bilingual organisation.