Norman Adams (Atlantic) (2014-present)

Norm Adams

I have attended CNMN’s FORUM 2010 in Halifax, FORUM 2014 in Calgary and FORUM 2016 in Ottawa. There I have discovered a group of people with the same challenges, worries and goals as I have, with great taste in music! I lend my energy to CNMN and our community in order to help provide our artists and organizations with a strong and clear voice. I believe passionately that we are stronger as a unit, and I would like to play my part as a representative of artists and organizations from the East, and all over Canada.

I have a unique experience that can provide perspective on a broad range of new music practices. I enjoy a career as a classical musician, playing contemporary and more traditional orchestral and chamber music repertoire, an improviser with an interest in electronic music, and Artistic Director and administrator of an arts organization. As Principal Cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia, and as frequent member of SNS’s programming committees, I have a clear view of the way “the establishment” works. At the same time, my thirteen years as Artistic Director and Administrator of suddenlyLISTEN Music has given me the opportunity to curate and produce concerts of a wide variety of contemporary musicians from established international improvisers, to locals, all pushing out the very edges of music making. As well I am a founding presenter for The Circuit, a national presenting collective for touring improvisers and exploratory musicians. 

It is both inspiring and energizing to work for our national community as a CNMN board member.

Norman Adams is the Principal Cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia, and the Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN, and a cellist, improviser and electronic musician exploring music, sound creation and performance. Norm has performed classical, free and new music across Canada, the US, the UK and France, collaborating with many leading artists including Joëlle Léandre, Eddie Prévost, Pauline Oliveros, Gerry Hemingway, Jean Derome and Marilyn Crispell. In addition to CNMN, Norm serves on the boards of Strategic Arts Management, and The Nova Scotia Lt. Governor’s Masterworks Award. He has released several recordings including a solo cello CD. In 2010 he was awarded an Established Artist Award by the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council for his varied work.