Karen Sunabacka (MB) (2010-12)

As a composer, a new music concert promoter, and a composition Professor in Winnipeg and Manitoba, I feel that it is important for the new music community of Canada to work together for the betterment of music in Canada. Since my first introduction to CNMN at the 2007 meeting in Winnipeg, I have been impressed and inspired by the work of this organization. As a board member for Groundswell, I would like to continue the ties that other Groundswell board members have already established with CNMN.” [2010]

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Karen has been studying music since she was four. She is an Assistant Professor in Music Theory and Composition at Providence College in Otterburne, Manitoba. In March 2008 she graduated from the University of California, Davis with a PhD in Theory and Composition.

With her orchestra composition “And There Was A Great Calm,” Karen won the Canadian Music Centre, Prairie Region, Emerging Composers Competition. This piece was then performed at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival in February 2009.

Karen has also had pieces performed by Groundswell (Winnipeg), the Empyrean Ensemble in Davis (California), the Brandon Chamber Players (Canada), Left Coast Ensemble (San Francisco), Agassiz Chamber Players (Winnipeg), St. Margaret’s Anglican Church Choir (Winnipeg), St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Belvedere (California) and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (reading session) conducted by Maestro Bramwell Tovey. She has received commissions from Groundswell, the Brandon Chamber Players, the Agassiz Chamber Players and St. Margaret’s Anglican Church.

Karen has presented academic papers about women’s voices and electroacoustic music in Paris, Los Angeles and Montreal. Her electronic music has been presented at numerous concerts and festivals including: Cellofest at UCDavis, CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technology) in Berkeley,Merging Voices: Women in New Music Festival in Fullerton, California and at the Electric Rainbow Coalition, an electronic music festival at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

In 2006 Karen won the prestigious UCDavis Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award and loves teaching music to students of all ages. Her commitment to teaching youth led her to found a Summer Arts Camp in Winnipeg for teens and children; she served as the director for three years. An avid canoeist, she has led and directed many canoe trips and finds much of her inspiration from the outdoors.

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