Juliet Palmer (ON) (Vice-President, 2016-present)



Credit: Dahlia Katz

I attended my first FORUM in January 2016 and was impressed by the depth and range of experiences of the presenters. Meeting and mingling with innovative Canadian delegates alongside innovators from Europe gave me a fresh perspective on music creation and dissemination. It was heartening to encounter the growing number of individuals and organizations working toward making our community more welcoming to those long excluded from it. Collaboration is at the heart of my creative practice and central to my work as educator, facilitator, mentor and composer-in-residence. As a board member, I look forward to fruitful collaborations with my fellow board members and to the continued growth of this invaluable national network. 

New Zealand-Canadian composer Juliet Palmer is known as a “post-modernist with a conscience” (The Listener) whose work “crosses so many genres as to be in a category of its own” (Toronto Star). Her work has been featured around the world, with performances at New York’s Lincoln Center, London’s Southbank Centre, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Bath International Festival, Voix Nouvelles France, Italy’s Angelica Festival, Evenings of New Music Bratislava, Musica Ficta Festival Lithuania, NYYD Festival Estonia, The Istanbul Festival, Soundculture Japan, the Adelaide Festival, the New Zealand International Arts Festival and Canada’s Sound Symposium. Juliet is the artistic director of Urbanvessel, a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. Upcoming: Sweat, an a cappella opera with writer Anna Chatterton (Center for Contemporary Opera, New York); Vermilion Songs for tenor Simon O’Neill and NZTrio (New Zealand); and The Man Who Married Himself (Toronto Masque Theatre).