Jennifer Butler (BC) (Board Member, 2016-present)

Jennifer Butler

I have attended two CNMN FORUMs, and both experiences expanded my definition of new music in Canada, introduced me to new-music makers, curators, and thinkers, and connected me to the rest of Canada in a more profound way. At FORUM 2014 in Calgary, I presented a facilitated discussion titled “Unsilencing: Women and their Place in New Music and Sound Art.” This experience led to so many important discussions and opened a window for people to share their stories that continues for me into the present. I believe that the CNMN is such a vital organization because of the exciting mix of people it brings together; therefore creating a wonderful venue for important conversations in our field that cannot happen in the same way anywhere else. One of my objectives as a CNMN board member is to bring more of these discussions and topics to the forefront of what we do. My work with the CMC, CLC, and on the advisory committee of the ISCM World New Music Days, has given me knowledge and experience that I strive to bring to my work on the CNMN board. 


Jennifer Butler (b. 1976) is a composer and flutist living in Vancouver, BC. Silence, organic change, and layered textures are important qualities in many of her compositions. Jennifer completed a DMA (2009) and a Master’s degree (2002) in composition at the University of British Columbia. Her principle composition teachers include: Glenn Buhr, Peter Hatch, Omar Daniel, Keith Hamel and Brent Lee.

Commissioned, performed, and recorded by outstanding Canadian artists such as the Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra, The Victoria Symphony, Vancouver New Music, the Thin Edge New Music Collective, Standing Wave, l’Ensemble Lunatik, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Jennifer’s music has been performed and broadcast across Canada and in the USA. One of her major artistic influences has been her participation, as composer and performer, since 2000 in R. Murray Schafer’s annual interdisciplinary wilderness project And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon.

Jennifer was President for the council of the Canadian League of Composers from 2011-14 , and currently sits on boards for Vancouver’s Redshift Music and Standing Wave, as well as her new position on the board for the CNMN. She is also on the Advisory Committee for the upcoming ISCM World New Music Days 2017.