Brenda Cleniuk (SK) (Board member, 2017-present)

My first introduction to the CNMN community was as a panelist at the Calgary FORUM 2014 where a full house of new music practitioners gathered to represent new music in all of its emerging and established directions. 

As a board member, my goal will be to support CNMN members, to help grow the community of artists and audiences across the country and across boundaries, and to engage in conversations around sonic art in an educational capacity. 

Brenda Cleniuk is a researcher, theorist, strategist and curator working at the intersection of performance, visual art and new media. She has initiated and organized exhibitions, symposia, performances, interventions, concerts and residencies. She holds Bachelors degrees in Literature, Psychology and Fine Arts from the University of Regina and has interned at the National Gallery of Canada and the MacKenzie Art Gallery. She was a student of classic and contemporary music for several years and let go of her Fender Stratocaster too soon!

Brenda has published modestly and her publishing projects are included in the National Library of Canada, FORMATS, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Contemporary Archives and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. She has been active on boards and committees for regional, national and international juries, conferences and has been a speaker at ISEA, the University of Regina and for the Governor Generalʼs Canadian Leadership Conference. She has toured or traveled in Canada, Europe and the USA and produced and/or curated incoming projects from each.

Her recent projects in new music have been ongoing since 2007 and commencing with a seminal production of Phil Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya at Neutral Ground followed by a solo concert with Kim Cascone and most recently included presentation of a live, improvisational iteration of “EPIC_Tom” with Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall and members of the Regina Symphony Orchestra – Simon Fryer, Marie-Noelle Berthelet and Simon MacDonald – in Regina in 2016.