2008 Workshops Tour

Following the success of these two workshops at the Forum 2007 in Winnipeg in February 2007, CNMN has organised a a pan-Canadian tour so that new music artists, presenters and others in the community can learn more about these two critical issues around new music from some of the leading experts in the field.

Ideal for independant artists or companies who want to improve the dissemination of their music through the range of media outlets. Also a great place to meet other new music practicioners in your city!

Promoting New Music

Maximizing Media Impact with a Limited Budget

A workshop by Francine Labelle, music publicist in Toronto, (with the participation of Jackie Schryer, former Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra communications director).

Digital Music Dissemination

Technical, Practical, Historical and Philosophical Issues of Recorded New Music in the 21st Century: Cds, Dvds, Mp3s, iTunes — What’s next, what should an artist do?

A free-form talk by Jean-François Denis, director of the empreintes digitales label, electrocd.com, and La Liste promotion and web calendar.