14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012


Table of Contents:

Regional Meetings 2012 – 2013
Heritage Canada and FACTOR by Tim Brady
Welcome 55 New Members for 2012
New Web Site, PayPal Option
Bulletin Changes
Presenting the new Board of Directors 2012 – 2014


14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012

Thanks to funding from the Creator’s Assistance Programme (SOCAN Foundation), CNMN will be hosting 7 regional meetings in the 2012 – 2013 season. The board is currently working on meeting details and schedules, and we will announce the full schedule later. Check back on our web site event page as we continue to update and add to the information.

The goals of these meetings are:

  1. To give CNMN members access to some professional development opportunities that they might not have access to otherwise
  2. To give CNMN members a chance to connect and meet other new music artists in their region
  3. To do some outreach to find new members in a wide diversity of artistic practices

Each meeting will be organized by the CNMN regional board member, and we are trying to make each meeting very specific to your region. Canada is a big, complex country, it is definitely not “one size fits all”. It is a high priority to make sure that regional concerns and regional realities are a big part of these meetings. If you would like to help with your regional meeting, or have an idea to present, contact your local CNMN board member. See the schedule page for contact details.

The regional meetings in our first round in 2011 were very informally structured discussions, a great way for us to get things moving. However, these meetings will be somewhat more focused on professional development and networking, trying to lead to some more concrete, tangible actions. What those actions are will vary from region to region, but if we work together as a community, both regionally and nationally, we can have a much greater impact.

Direct article link: Regional Meetings 2012 – 2013
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012

In May 2012 CNMN President Tim Brady met with Mr. Pierre Lalonde of the Department of Canadian Heritage to discuss the issues around recording grants at FACTOR.  M. Lalonde was quite receptive to CNMN’s perspective, and we are currently working with Heritage Canada and FACTOR to try to improve the jury system and funding structure so that greater diversity of music, including new musical practices, are adequately represented in the FACTOR process.

Direct link: Heritage Canada and FACTOR
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012 

So far, CNMN’s membership has grown by fifty-five in 2012, with members hailing from all across Canada, and an emphasis on BC due to our national Forum in Vancouver early in the new year. More members in our network means stronger representation and connection for our community. We warmly welcome all our new members, and we hope this marks the beginning of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

The new members are listed below, many of which have web sites for further information. We also hope all our members get a chance to check each other out – you can access a full list of members on our web site, viewable by category, region or name.

Who will be the 56th new member?

New Voting Members

Canadian Music Educators’ Association Nat www.cmea.ca/
Circuit, musiques contemporaines Nat www.revuecircuit.ca/
Ensemble Transmission QC www.ensembletransmission.com/
Urbanvessel ON www.urbanvessel.com
Hossein Behroozinia BC www.behroozinia.com/
Elizabeth Bergmann BC www.bergmannduo.com/
Eric Boivin QC http://soundcloud.com/eric-boivin
Daniel Brandes BC http://danielbrandes.tumblr.com/
John D. Burge ON www.queensu.ca/music/faculty/burge
James Code NB www.mta.ca/music/faculty/code-j.html
François Couture QC http://blog.monsieurdelire.com/
Mary Ingraham AB www.ualberta.ca/~maryi
Jeff Morton SK www.jeffreydavidmorton.ca/
Navid Navab QC www.navidnavab.net/
Ellie O’Day BC
Heidi Ouellette MB www.clusterfestival.com
David Pay BC www.musiconmain.ca/
Christopher Reiche BC https://sites.google.com/site/christopherreiche/
Remy Siu BC www.remysiu.com/

New Supporting Membres

Jonathan Adams BC
Miranda Anderson AB
Chris Bauer MB Chris Bauer on Facebook
Dániel Péter Biró BC http://people.finearts.uvic.ca/~dpbiro/
Doug Blackley BC www.soundscore.com
Christopher Butterfield BC Christopher Butterfield – Univeristy of Victoria
Daryn Cassie BC www.daryncassie.com/
Kassie Dobie ON
Pyra Draculea BC www.maqlu.com/
Kristy Farkas BC
Wylie Ferguson BC http://wylieferguson.bandcamp.com
Joi Freed-Garrod BC
Henry Gauthier QC www.chantslibres.org/
Deborah Hui BC
Sarah Jerrom ON www.sarahjerrom.com
Made Kantawan BC
Njo Kong Kie ON www.musicpicnic.com
Tyler Kinnear BC
Cathy Fern Lewis BC www.kerryview.ca/
Robert Maddocks BC www.twotensix.com/
Alex Mah BC
John Oswald ON www.pfony.com/
Stuart Paterson ON www.soundcloud.com/login_sounds
Daniel Pencer ON
Tony Reif BC www.songlines.com
Sílvio Rosado Portugal www.soundcloud.com/silvio-rosado
Christina Rusnak USA www.christinarusnak.com/
Ed Sadler BC www.vancouverguitarlessons.net/
Lincoln Saugstad BC
Lisa St. Clair NS www.lisastclair.ca/
I Wayan Sudirana BC I Wayan Sudirana at Gamelan Gita Asmara
Miles Thorogood BC http://greenmeat.net
George Tzanetakis BC www.cs.uvic.ca/~gtzan
Mike Warren ON www.everythingthatsfly.com/
Hildegard Westerkamp BC www.sfu.ca/~westerka/
Carol Yaple BC Carol Yaple at Bard College Conservatory of Music

Direct article link: Welcome 55 New Members
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012 

The new CNMN Web Site is now up and running, designed by Christopher Willes. If you are reading this, you are already here! New features include a front page with a photo album, as well as the new PayPal option when you pay your annual dues using the online membership form.

Got a great photo we can share in our front-page album? See here for more details.

One of the complexities of the project was moving from the proprietary Diffusion I Média site to a more standardized WordPress-based site. In the long run, the use of a standardized software format will give us more flexibility. But the transition was long and complex, with many hours of discussion and proofreading (found an error or bug? Let us know!).

We are planning to update the site, a version 2.0, as funds and time become available.

Direct article link: New Web Site, PayPal Option
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012

Along with our new web site, this 14th edition of the e-Bulletin has gone through a change as well. No longer a PDF, it is now more directly incorporated into our web site. We’re hoping this new format will make our stories, commentaries and announcements more accessible and easier to share. We are beginning with a very bare-bones approach, with the hope that in the future we can put in place features and structures that make it even easier to access archival content. For example, we still have very worthwhile and relevant material that deserves to be easier to find, such as those from Forum 2009 and Forum 2010.

Direct article link: Bulletin Changes
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012

           Jim Montgomery Stacey Brown David Pay 

Those who attended our 2012 AGM would have heard, but we wanted everyone to have a chance to hear the great news! Visit our Board of Directors page to read what our board members have to say about CNMN, as well as read bios.

Jim Montgomery is our secretary and Cléo Palacio-Quintin is our treasurer. The vice-presidency goes to Stacey Brown, while Tim Brady continues as president.

Atlantic Canada
• Jérôme Blais – Composer, professor of music, Dalhousie – Halifax (NS)
• Paul Cram – Composer, performer, improviser, director – Upstream Music Association – Halifax (NS)

• Tim Brady – Composer and performer, director – Bradyworks Ensemble – Montréal (QC)
• Stacey Brown – Composer, educator, researcher – Montréal (QC)
• Cléo Palacio-Quintin – Composer, performer, improviser, director – Flûtronique – Montréal (QC)

• Brent Lee – Composer, professor of music – University of Windsor – Windsor (ON)
• Jim Montgomery – Composer, performer, educator – Toronto (ON)
• Jerry Pergolesi – Performer, director – CONTACT Contemporary Music – Toronto (ON)

• Alain Perron – Composer, professor of music – University of Regina – Regina (SK)

• Heidi Ouellette – Composer, improviser, director – Cluster Festival – Winnipeg (MB)

Alberta and the Northern Territories
• John Reid – Director – Canadian Music Centre – Prairies – Calgary (AB)

British Columbia
• David Pay – Artistic director – Music on Main – Vancouver (BC)

Direct link: Presenting the New Board of Directors 2012 – 2014
14th edition CNMN Bulletin – September 2012